Purchase of At-Risk Food Products

Whether you have excess inventory, close-dated or post-dated goods, surplus, overruns, closeouts, rotation problems, or other distressed products, we provide you with an efficient & economical means of liquidating these goods. We immediately provide you with recovered capital for use in purchasing new and fresh salable products.

Resolution of Cargo / Salvage Claims

We provide insurance companies and their adjusters a means to resolve cargo claims and facilitate recovery of damaged grocery products. Many times, claims are time sensitive due to the nature of fresh or frozen product. We have the ability to make quick decisions on offers and, with our fleet of trucks, are able to rapidly pick up product thus minimizing losses.

Wholesaling for Secondary Markets

We provide a source for secondary markets or deep discount grocers to purchase new dry, fresh, and frozen products at substantial savings. This provides secondary markets an opportunity to increase their profits.