Tissue and Trailer

We bought a truckload of bath tissue—originally bound for Wal-Mart—in a truck that crashed and caught on fire. Most of the tissue was sellable and there was minimal damage to the trailer. So, we made an offer to buy both: the contents—and the trailer. The trailer is still in our fleet today.

Fish in Water – Salvaged

A tractor trailer with a load of frozen fish ran off the road, went down a bank and was laying across a stream (with no damage to the stream or the truck). Water was flowing under the trailer but hadn’t contacted the fish. Workers hauled the pallets up the bank and loaded them onto a truck we hired. We bought the 30,000 lbs of fish and sold it—to everyone’s satisfaction.

We Can Sell Even Unusual Products

A distributor had previously leased space to a company who abandoned several trailer loads of golf caddies (an item a golfer sticks in the ground to keep their golf club grips dry). We bought all the loads and were able to sell them locally—in PA and NJ.

We Stand Behind Our Deals—Even for Issues Not Our Fault

We inadvertently bought over $100,000 worth of counterfeit batteries—definitely not on purpose! We sold them to a vendor in Mississippi, who sold them to a company in NY, who refused to pay the Mississippi vendor and instead confiscated them upon determining that they were counterfeit. We worked with the vendor and made things right. We destroyed the remaining batteries left in our warehouse. Then, we paid back the vendor $10,000 per month for about a year, until we had refunded all that he had paid. Amazingly, we still made a profit that year!

…and for Exploding Volleyballs

Once, we bought a merchandise deal that included a large lot of volleyballs. They were of such poor quality that they exploded periodically in the buyer’s store. That phenomenon became a scary experience for their customers so we issued a credit to the buyer. 


By choosing Thomas Trading, you can be assured that:

We’ll assist you to minimize your loss and maximize your return on investment.


You will receive payment for your goods sold in a prompt manner.


We’ll provide a fast solution to eliminate recurring storage fees.


Your existing territories and present clients will be protected.