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Thomas Trading, Inc. specializes in minimizing loss and expediting payment for distressed goods.
So, why consider Thomas Trading?

We act with integrity — with your company’s interests in mind.
We work hard to earn your trust. We are absolutely committed to protecting you — your brand, your existing clients and distributors, and your existing territories.
We take your distressed goods to the secondary market, and we ensure that those goods cannot enter the primary market.
We pay you fairly and up front — in most cases wiring the payment to you immediately.

Food Overstock & Surplus Inventory

We serve the food industry by solving food-related problems for large quantities of dry, beverage, and frozen products. Examples include:

Close-dated/short-dated/post-dated goods
Overstocks and overruns
Distressed or damaged package products
Surplus/closeout/excess inventory
Other potential product losses

Quick Handling of Cargo/Salvage Claims

We provide insurance companies and their adjusters an efficient means to resolve cargo claims quickly. We buy the at-risk goods and then expedite the sale of those products — eliminating costly storage fees.

Wholesale Distribution of Your Distressed Goods

We sell to our large network of secondary market stores, deep discount grocers, and discount wholesale distributors who purchase our products at a substantial discount. This takes your goods out of the primary (retail) markets, thus protecting you.


We are committed to ensuring that your product does not interface with your normal sales/distribution channels by maintaining records of where your goods were sold.

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